Lightweight CFD Solver | CFD Toolbox by QuickerSim

CFD Toolbox for Altair Compose®

Lightweight CFD Solver by QuickerSim

CFD Toolbox is a package dedicated for solving fluid flow and heat transfer problems. It comprises of functions which encapsulate routines for the assembly of such problems as well supplementary utilities for pre- and post-processing tasks. Simulation models take the form of scripts and are solved using in-built tools of Altair Compose®. This allows engineers and researchers to tailor the simulation models to their needs and easily integrate fluid flow and heat transfer analysis into their workflow.

Why CFD Toolbox?

Easy and Fast Simulation Setup

Fluid flow and heat transfer simulations can be set up with just a few lines of code.


The simulation routines are simple and general - the same functions can be used for different applications.

Ease of Use

The toolbox was designed for non-CFD specialists with little or no programming experience.

Key Features

Fluid Flow Simulation

The software provides steady-state and transient routines for simulating laminar and turbulent flow.

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Heat Transfer Simulation

The software provides steady-state and transient routines for simulating heat transfer in solids and fluids.

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Compatibility with External Software

The toolbox is capable of importing meshes created in GMSH and Altair-native .fem format. Results can be exported to .vtk and .h3d format.

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Fast and Easy Post-processing

Various parameters of interest, such as lift and drag, can be easily obtained with one line of code.

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Script-based Simulations

Simulations can be defined with just a few lines of code and are easily automated.

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Easy Integration

Due to the script-based format of simulations, the toolbox can be easily integrated into multi-discplinary Compose projects.

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