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Driving More Design with Simulation

Two- and Three-Wheel Vehicle Simulation

Two- and three-wheeler vehicle manufacturers, whether they are existing OEMs, new EV start-ups, or suppliers serving this segment, all have the goal of shortening product development time and getting product to market faster. With Altair HyperWorks™, ride, durability, and vehicle dynamics simulations for two- and three-wheeled vehicles can now be seamlessly performed using an intuitive and easy to use GUI with built-in libraries for vehicle models, analyses, and predicting and optimizing vehicle behavior.

Technical Papers

FEKO - Intro and overview

Intro and overview

Reseller Webinar

FEKO - Sensor/antenna placement

Sensor/antenna placement

Reseller Webinar

FEKO - Radiation Emission

Radiation Emission

Reseller Webinar

FEKO - Network coverage

Network coverage

Reseller Webinar

FEKO - PCB Modeling

PCB Modeling

Reseller Webinar

FEKO - Multiphysics and Optimization

Multiphysics and Optimization

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SmartWorks - Cloud platform

Cloud platform

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SmartWorks - Edge Computing Platform

Edge Computing Platform

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SmartWorks - Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

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SmartWorks - Belt drive demonstrator

Belt drive demonstrator

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SmartWorks - Brake system

Brake systems

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In this paper, we illustrate a simulation-driven workflow process using Altair HyperWorks Suite for antennas to meet environmental specifications during the design process so time taken for test and certification can be minimized and thus, cost savings and faster product development cycles.

White Papers

Lightweight Mining Haulers Optimized

Truck dynamics, control system, thermal, and fatigue analyses all need to be completed when designing a new truck design. Using Altair HyperWorks, Hitachi achieves a 10% weight reduction in the main frame and rigid body, while maintaining product quality.

Customer Stories

ATCx Poland 2020 - Analizy Drgań za pomocą programów z pakietu Altair HyperWorks

Prezentacja omawiająca analizy drgań z HyperWorks, przedstawiona przez dr Grzegorza Wiśniewskiego z DesArt


Altair Vision and Industry Trends - Kimon

Altair Vision and Industry Trends Presentation from the ATCx Poland 2020

ATC Presentations, Videos

Altair HyperWorks™ – Design Explorer

Design Explorer: Multi-disciplinary design exploration and optimization tools. Design Explorer enables you to explore, understand, and improve your system's designs using methods such as design-of-experiments and optimization. By using Design Explorer, you can make better decisions and optimize the performance, reliability and robustness of your systems.

Tips & Tricks

Altair HyperWorks™ – Design Space Management for Concept Design Topology Optimization

Design Space Management: Workflow to support the complete topology modeling (Automotive) and meshing process.

Tips & Tricks

Altair HyperWorks™ – Pedestrian Impact Tool

The Pedestrian Impact tool automates the vehicle marking, impactors positioning and the export of solver decks with minimal input, therefore reducing the full process lead time.The tool conforms to the pedestrian safety regulations EuroNCAP, CNCAP, UN-R127 and GTR.

Tips & Tricks

Enhance Electronics Product Design Using Altair Multiphysics Solvers

Consumer Electronics products are getting more complex every day. This often requires more physics to be addressed during the design phase, while the development cycles are getting shorter. This webinar presents Altair’s workflow to enable simulation of structural, thermal, acoustics and fatigue properties in an integrated Multiphysics environment.


HyperWorks 2020

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn about HyperWorks. Modules contained within the course provide detailed descriptions of the tools and workflows within HyperWorks. You will also have the opportunity to watch demonstrations and perform hands on exercises throughout the modules. A login to Altair One is required to access this course.


HyperWorks CFD v2020

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn about HyperWorks CFD. Modules contained within the course provide detailed descriptions of the tools and workflows within HyperWorks CFD. You will also have the opportunity to watch demonstrations and perform hands on exercises throughout the modules. A login to Altair One is required to access this course.


Using Altair Software for Structures

Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation, and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building. Whether big or small, our customers trust their decision making to Altair, the pioneer of simulation-driven design.

Learn more at

Use Cases

A Nose Cone for Winning: ARUS Andalucía Racing Team Improves Impact Characteristics of Formula SAE Car

When Ana Casares Crespo, a former member of the ARUS Andalucía Racing team from University Seville in Spain, was looking for a final degree project, the team was inspired by the capabilities of Altair’s software. They came up with the idea to improve the impact properties of the vehicle nose cone laminate with the help of simulation. With more than seven students actively using Altair products to improve various aspects of the vehicle, the decision to incorporate Altair tools was an obvious choice. They wanted to make use of the knowledge they had gained from previous studies for structural design of aerodynamic packages. The team conducted static analysis and topological optimization using tools from the Altair HyperWorks™ suite, which helped them create optimized, lighter components. To improve the impact properties of a Formula SAE car’s nose cone laminate, the Altair solution included structural analysis, and topology optimization verifying structural behavior of a new material. The benefits were improved impact characteristics and fracture properties, and lighter components.

Customer Stories

Altair One – Enable Innovation at Scale

In today's digital economy, survival and success of an organization is contingent upon the ability to digitize their business and harness the power of data to forecast the future and drive innovation across the board.

ATC Presentations

(Re) Introducing HyperWorks

The 2020 release of HyperWorks is the most significant release in our history.


Altair HyperWorks - Beam Modeling Workflow

Altair HyperWorks introduces a new workflow for beam modeling, particularly suited for GFEM of large aerospace structures along with many other applications.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Automotive Crash and Safety Workflow

The new Altair HyperWorks release includes workflows leveraging the model-as-a-menu paradigm to easily setup models for automotive crash analyses, including seatbelt routing, seat and dummy positioning, as well as pedestrial impact setup.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - CFD Setup Workflow

A new CFD setup workflow has been introduced in the latest release of Altair HyperWorks. Preparing any geometry for CFD analysis is now handled through a semi-automated, extremely efficient workflow.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Design Space Creation Workflow

Altair HyperWorks includes a new workflow to easily generate the design space for topology optimization and generate a smooth results interpretation with PolyNURBS. The use case demonstrated here shows a complete redesign of an engine cradle utilizing additive manufacturing.

Use Cases

Altair HyperMesh vs. Altair HyperWorks Comparision for Geometry Creation

Altair HyperWorks has been reimagined with new efficient workflows for the most common daily tasks a simulation engineer needs to address. In this short clip comparing the classic HyperMesh workflow for geometry creation with the new HyperWorks process to generate a bracket, we're completing the task in 44% less time and almost 60% less mouse clicks.

Use Cases

Altair HyperWorks - Model Build (Part Browser, Meshing, and Subsystems)

Altair HyperWorks introduces new and efficient workflows to build and manage complex assemblies. In this example, we're starting from the complete BOM of a vehicle's body-in-white, showing how to manage individual parts and subsystems to generate an high-fidelity mesh in a few clicks.

Use Cases

Altair for HPC and Cloud Applications

In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads.


Altair for Structures Applications

Altair offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation, and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building.


From Composites Design to Production with Altair HyperWorks

Walk Through the Journey of Advanced Composites with Altair

Watch the on-demand recordings and find out how Altair's composites solutions can help you design and analyze structures ready for production.


Efficient Design Certification Calculations with HyperWorks Integrated Composites Stress Toolbox

In this demonstration, you will learn about efficient design and post-processing of complex laminated composite structures.


Simulating the Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Injection Molded Parts

In this demonstration we show the full process of manufacturing injection molded parts to component performance in virtual process. The outcome is injection molded parts with desired mechanical performance with minimal experimental testing.


Material Characterization of Continuous Fiber Composites

Availability of material data is a major bottleneck in simulating composite structures. Material suppliers’ datasheets or handbook values do not represent the actual properties resulting from the company’s manufacturing processes. On the other hand, doing a complete material characterization through a test campaign is very costly and time consuming. To overcome these issues, accurate multiscale simulation with predictive capability, as provided by Altair Multiscale Designer, can be used in combination with a limited set of physical tests for developing accurate material models. Further, the accurate modeling of the composite nonlinear and failure behavior through the multiscale approach brings the accuracy of composite structural simulations to a new level.


Composite Pressure Vessel Design and Simulation

Composite Pressure Vessels (CPV) play an important role in the emerging market for the fuel cell electric vehicles, but there are also numerous more traditional application areas for CPVs. The filament winding process used for the manufacturing of CPVs ties the possible fiber paths to the manufacturing process. Hence, in the design and analysis of CPVs it is important to include both the manufacturing and structural simulation. The webinar shows how Altair software interface with third-party filament winding simulation software to create CPV structural models using different level of details according to analysis needs. The use of multiscale material modeling provides means for accurate damage and failure predictions of CPVs.


Efficient Simulation of 3D Printed Lattice Structures

3D printed lattice structures increase the design freedom in areas of the design where, for example, the full stiffness of the material is not needed, or a specific anisotropic material behavior is beneficial. At the same time the high geometric complexity on a scale below the standard modelling element size makes it extremely difficult to include all anisotropic effects in the standard CAE model and keep the same numeric efficiency together with the same accuracy of results. Using multiscale approaches like Altair Multiscale Designer to link microscale geometric features with a standard macro CAE model combines both scales in a highly efficient way and enables the numeric efficient and highly accurate simulation of lattice structures on component and assembly level.


Faster, More Efficient Modeling With Next-Gen HyperMesh

The next generation HyperWorks experience was created to enable teams to move from physics to physics, domain to domain or even create reports without ever leaving their simulation model. Every tool in the suite delivers a solution-specific workflow with a meticulously designed and discoverable user-interface, differentiated for each user profile, but still familiar across the toolset. Altair started delivering on this vision with the initial release of Inspire and has continued to bring more and more functionality to its customers with each release. Now, the next generation HyperMesh provides a modern environment for meshing, modeling, and morphing with no loss of existing functionality for long-term customers. Learn about the reimagining of Altair HyperMesh and how your product development can benefit today. The presentation will showcase: -Brand new workflows for geometry recreation and editing -Midmeshing and interactive batch meshing -Free direct morphing -Parts and reps management -Concept design iteration


Automatic Refinement in the Next Generation HyperWorks

Use the tool to refine elements as quads based on a given refinement size.

Tips & Tricks

HyperWorks Next Generation – Find and Fill Cavities

Find and Fill Cavities: Use the Plug tool to find and fill cavities. The Plug tool can also be used to remove protrusions, holes, and complex features.

Tips & Tricks

HyperWorks Next Generation – Remove Small Features

Defeature – Small Features tool: The Small Features tool finds and deletes small solids and deletes or suppresses sliver surfaces. The Small Features tool is available within the Defeature tool.

Tips & Tricks

HyperWorks Next Generation – Replicate Mesh

Replicate Mesh - Use the tool to replicate a mesh from one location to another, with options to keep the original mesh, as well as to replicate into multiple copies. The replicated elements replace the original elements, maintaining relevant information like properties, thicknesses, and other solver attributes.

Tips & Tricks

HyperWorks Next Generation – Tools Finder

The purpose of this tool is to help you find tools that you used in Legacy HyperMesh by selecting the menu or panel from the classic interface to be shown the location in the new HyperWorks interface.

Tips & Tricks

Design Exploration and Optimization of an Aluminum Profile

Faraone Srl - a company leader in designing and manufacturing "transparent architectures" - as been working with Altair to develop an optimization and design exploration workflow for their aluminum profiles. Profiles initially designed with Altair Inspire, are then passed to the new Design Explorer tool - included in Altair HyperWorks X - to further evaluate and refine the design.