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Matching Network Synthesis and Antenna System Optimization

Optenni Lab is the leading radio frequency (RF) design automation software platform aiming at efficient assessment and optimization of antenna systems at any design phase. Optenni Lab features automatic matching circuit synthesis and optimization, and many supplementary assessment tools. Optenni Lab is often used in conjunction with electromagnetic (EM) simulators, and several links are provided with major EM tools on the market.

Altair Feko™ is used to simulate the impedance data for the unmatched antenna, which is transferred to Optenni Lab to synthesizes different matching topologies, using realistic library models from several component vendors, and sorts the best performing results for closer investigation.

Why Optenni Lab?

Robust Designs

Insensitive designs to varying environment, mounting, and chassis of the antenna can automatically be synthesized.

Increase Productivity

Optenni Lab features quick and accurate synthesis matching circuits using realistic layout models and vendor library component models for capacitors and inductors.

Total Efficiency Optimization

Optenni Lab optimizes the total performance of wireless products and provides a detailed power loss breakdown.

Key Features

Links to Vector Network Analyzers

Optenni Lab optimizes matching circuits in real time based on measurements through network analyzer links, bridging the gap between measurements and simulations.

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Multi-antenna Matching

Optenni Lab supports multi-antenna matching for best efficiency, taking antenna-to-antenna coupling into account.

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Component Libraries

Optenni Lab includes an easy-to-use component library of inductors and capacitors that supports automatic matching circuit generation and sensitivity analysis.

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Tunable Antenna Design

Optenni Lab supports aperture and impedance tunable antenna design, supporting switches or variable capacitors as the active elements.

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Radiation Efficiency Calculation

The radiation efficiency is calculated automatically from the radiation patterns, taking into account the changing port termination impedances in multi-antenna systems.

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Matching Circuit Synthesis

Automatic matching circuit synthesis provides the user with multiple optimized topologies using fast parallelized multicore optimization techniques.


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