Optenni Lab™ by Optenni Ltd. - Modules


Available Modules

Professional Edition: All features of Standard Edition and more, including simultaneous matching of multiple antennas, general multi-port matching, antenna tuner design support, calculation of component voltages, currents and powers. Also provides radiation-aware matching network design, i.e., optimizing the total efficiency of multi-port antennas through radiation pattern recombination.

Standard Edition: Single antenna matching circuit synthesis solution, providing optimization of total efficiency of single-port devices. Synthesis and optimization using discrete components and microstrip lines. Supports matching several impedance data files simultaneously, i.e., for known device variance - measured or simulated. Support for setting impedance targets, links with measurement hardware and electromagnetic simulation using Altair Feko.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Array Module: The Antenna Array Module synthesizes matching circuit sand excitation vectors to asses and optimize array performance. It can be used to optimize total system efficiency while monitoring targets for beam width, sidelobes, nulls and active element impedances.

Links to other major EM simulators: Linking with EM simulators enables fast and efficient EM and circuit co-optimization of radiating devices. Besides FEKO, standalone Optenni Lab includes links to the following EM simulators: - CST Studio Suite - ANSYS Electronics Desktop (HFSS) - REMCOM XFdtd.