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Altair OptiStruct™

Optimization-enabled Structural Analysis

What is Altair OptiStruct?

OptiStruct is a proven, modern structural solver with comprehensive, accurate and scalable solutions for linear and nonlinear analyses across statics and dynamics, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue and multiphysics disciplines. It is the industry-leading and most widely used solution for structural design and optimization.

Building on a 25-year legacy of providing innovative optimization technology, first-to-market OptiStruct is used by numerous companies worldwide across various industries to supplement their design validation processes through advanced analyses. Furthermore, it is strategically deployed in their design processes to optimize structures for a variety of performance metrics such as weight, strength, stiffness, vibration and fatigue characteristics, to develop innovative, efficient and lightweight designs.

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Why OptiStruct?

Comprehensive Analysis Solutions

OptiStruct has evolved into a comprehensive solver for linear, nonlinear, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue and multiphysics analyses. Solutions are accurate, fast and highly scalable on CPUs and GPUs.

Industry Leading Optimization

OptiStruct has pioneered the development of innovative optimization technology including many industry-firsts such as fail-safe topology, multi-material topology and multi-model optimization.

Single Model Multi-Attribute Workflow

Streamline workflows, reduce repetitive tasks and minimize errors by analyzing and optimizing attributes from multiple disciplines (e.g. strength, vibrations, fatigue) using a single model.

Key Features

Nonlinear Analysis Solver

Wide range of solutions for nonlinear analyses, including efficient contact algorithms, bolt and gasket modeling, hyperelastic material, and thermal analyses.

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Most Advanced Solver for Vibrations and Acoustics

Unique capabilities and integrated specialty solvers (AMSES and FASTFR) enable efficient diagnostic analyses, from component to full vehicle.

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Leading Optimization Technology

From topology to shape, apply optimization throughout the process with the largest set of design performance metrics all while considering manufacturability.

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Design and optimize composites (including ply shape and layup schedule), and components for 3D printing, such as complex lattice structures.

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Coupled solutions to promote better understanding of interactions such as fluid-structure interactions (OptiStruct-AcuSolve) and electromagnetic-structure interactions (OptiStruct-Flux).

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Speed and Scalability

Accurate and fast, OptiStruct can scale up to hundreds of cores using domain decomposition. Additional scalability benefits through GPU acceleration.

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