Altair's global academic program

Altair's Global Academic Program

At Altair, we believe the convergence of simulation, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will transform the world. And while this era of convergence is only beginning, today’s students will grow up in a world where it’ll be in full effect. We want to prepare teachers and students alike for this coming transformation. Altair and our academic partners are at the forefront of current and future technology, and with their assistance, we can give today’s students the tools and skills to become tomorrow’s innovators, groundbreakers, and world-shakers.

Altair University for Educators


Educators receive access to a range of industry-leading technology, comprehensive teaching material, and full support. Our attractive pricing model rewards classroom teaching with unlimited flexibility and functionality.

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Altair University for Students


Students get free and quick access to the most comprehensive student edition package in the industry, ranging from simulation and multiphysics software, to data analytics and AI technology.

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Research Licensing


Researchers get access to our comprehensive portfolio of powerful, efficient, and user-friendly software. In addition, they get training materials and round-the-clock technical support – all at the same level industry users receive.

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Support for Educators

We help educators complement and reinforce the theory and principles they teach by using compelling, interactive, and effective teaching aids rooted in the use of Altair technology – all complemented by direct support and consultation from our experts.

Resources include:

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Support for Students

Get comfortable with our state-of-the-art technology by browsing our extensive library of eBooks, tutorials, and task-based quick reference videos. Our global community of experts in the Altair Community answer a variety of student questions.

Resources include:

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