All the Computing Power You Need in the Cloud Anywhere, Anytime, Hassle-Free

Altair’s cloud computing solutions deliver up-to-the-minute technology and access to the resources you need to solve problems and make world-changing discoveries.

Cloud Solutions

Resource Management & Cloud Bursting

Take control of your compute resources and burst seamlessly to the cloud at peak times.

Unlimited Simulation Appliances

Get unlimited access to a wide range of Altair’s simulation software with our HyperWorks Unlimited physical and virtual appliances.

Anywhere, Anytime: Altair 365™

Access technology when and where you need it with our ever-expanding set of solutions — hassle-free.

Cloud on Demand

We’re revolutionizing access to design, engineering, and data intelligence with Altair 365, an on-demand portal that gives you all the tools you need to innovate. Use any device, collaborate with ease and get scalable, instant-on access.

  • Run a cloud version of your favorite application
  • Run a simulation job in the cloud
  • Build a custom appliance

Manage & Control

The HPC administrator's command center for deploying, managing, monitoring, and optimizing HPC appliances on any cloud (public, private, and hybrid).

  • One-click HPC appliance deployment on private & public cloud
  • Single-pane view; simple UX drag-and-drop GUI
  • Analyze & optimize resources, workload, policies, and SLAs
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Box up the Value of HPC

Simulation technology is advancing exponentially, and organizations are turning to high-performance computing to get answers faster. But HPC is complex. To simplify it, we created the turnkey Altair HyperWorks Unlimited™ appliance.

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Access Anywhere

A portal for engineers and researchers to access high-performance computing (HPC) resources.

  • Novice to expert access to HPC resources
  • Same UX for desktop, web, and mobile
  • Submit, monitor progress, steer, fix, and rerun jobs
  • Collaborate and analyze results in 3D visually
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On-demand Bursting

A framework that provides automatic cloud bursting capabilities during peak demand. Quickly, easily, and securely burst to different cloud platforms including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Cut down time to market
  • Mobilize resources quickly & securely to meet real-time demand
  • Reliable large-scale computing with easy deployment
  • Customize security policies and role-based access
  • Create your rules to burst on peak loads

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Application Appliances

Democratize HPC, design, simulation, analytics, and optimization by providing cloud access to vertical applications and increase the pace of innovation through collaboration. A simplified suite allowing engineers to expand CAE computing capacity and quickly utilize HPC so that they can intelligently and efficiently manage resources.

  • Resource provisioning
  • Workload management and scheduling
  • Security and licensing framework
More About Altair HyperWorks Unlimited

Schedule Jobs in the Cloud

Scale based on the speed of your workload, contain everything you need in a single instance, and clearly show the cost of computing. We designed Altair Rapid Scaling — a minimalist, configurable, transparent tool — for professionals who are ready to bring cloud costs closer to exact demand than ever before.

  • Measure workload movement and respond quickly
  • Quickly terminate instances​
  • Know exactly how much you’re spending


Ping Golf: Using CAE and HPC for Virtual Prototyping

In this short interview Eric Morales, Sr Research Engineer at PING Golf, explains how combining CAE simulation with the latest HPC technology has greatly reduced product development time.

Video Testimonials

Fallbrook Technologies

Traction-based, patented NuVinci® transmission is a continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology enabling performance and efficiency improvements for machines that use an engine, pump, motor, or geared transmission systems. Fallbrook Technologies has been working on improving oil flow inside the NuVinci products as it affects the transmission’s efficiency, durability, power, capacity, and cost. Altair worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud services platform, to provide an integrated solution to Fallbrook including advanced GPU hardware, high-performance computing (HPC) and the nanoFluidX software through industry-leading workload management and job scheduler Altair PBS Professional™.

Customer Stories

Oracle Cloud: Altair ultraFluidX™ and Altair nanoFluidX™

Altair was founded in 1985 with a vision to use simulation to drive design and decision-making. Through the years simulation has evolved from the back end of the design process to the front — and today's cloud infrastructure opens up new possibilities to solve problems of unlimited size.


Cray and Altair: HPC Leadership

Cray and Altair lead the HPC industry with solutions that optimize performance for compute-intensive work. With Cray systems running Altair software, companies of all sizes get the highest available levels of scalability, speed, and efficiency — in the datacenter and in the cloud.


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